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Vers L’Espagne

Dates TBA
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Curated by Christian Viveros-Fauné: organized by USF Contemporary Art Museum

Bosco Sodi in his studio

Bosco Sodi in his studio.

Bosco Sodi’s suite of paintings Vers l’Espagne (2019) take basic pictorial elements--line, form and color--out for a walk. Reminiscent of dried creek-beds and man-made erosions that also recall the footpaths trod by Central American and Mexican migrants on their way into the U.S., Sodi’s paintings also find inspiration in Painting On White Background for the Cell of a Recluse, a legendary triptych painted by Joan Miro in 1968. Sodi’s new works explore Miro’s stark aesthetic as well as natural formations to arrive at powerful expressions that are severe, unornamented and vigorous as a desert landscape.

Bosco Sodi in his studio

Bosco Sodi,  Vers-l'Espagne, 2019. photograph.