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David Claerbout, August 21 – OCtober 28, 2017, USFCAM. Critic's Lecture and Exhibition Reception, August 25.Image: David Claerbout, Radio Piece (Hong Kong), 2015single channel video projection, color, binaural sound over headphones11:40 collaboration with RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain© David ClaerboutCourtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly, New York
Pledges of Allegiance, July, 2017 – July 2018, USFCAM
Art & Ice Week of Welcome Student Event

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Angel Acosta Leon, Christo, 1959Cuban Art Impressions: Guest Post by Eric Ondina

I am not a naturally talented artist. My talent was inherited from a privileged upbringing which granted me the time to selfishly pursue egotistic fancies such as the visual arts. Yet I am not a thief. I am the progeny of a society preoccupied by the fulfilment of middle class comfort, and permeated by a culture synonymous with cynicism, sensual excess, rootless cosmopolitism, and materialistic obsession. My culture is a dark one, which as an artist I strive to illuminate.

The Black Panther Party Newspaper, March 9, 1969Prints Providing a Catalyst for Change: Guest Post by Erin Hughes

On June 2nd, two new exhibitions opened at USF’s Contemporary Art Museum, bringing with them a full schedule of events throughout their stay in Tampa. Black Pulp! and Woke! bring with them endless opportunities to engage with and discuss the current status of race relations in our nation. Between the two galleries, all who enter are sure to be engaged by the striking works from over a century of print.

Brandon Geurts, Gumming For A Sound Bite, 2017To Be Faceless: Caricature & Racial Identity. Guest Post by Tyra Mishell

Whenever I see black face or any racist caricature of black people, I am reminded of how the world has perceived and continues to perceive black people. It does not shock me as much now as when I was small and was first made aware of my blackness as spectacle. Upon looking, I am usually greeted with the same feeling of grossness and humiliation as I would if someone were to catch me in the most unflattering position. However, when I went to see the Black Pulp! exhibition and came across Felandus Thames’ I'm Neutral, I felt the warmth that one experiences when they look upon the beautiful thing.

Brandon Geurts, Gumming For A Sound Bite, 2017Writing for Disaster: Guest Post by James Cartwright

To commemorate the 2017 MFA exhibition Every Disaster Made Us Wish For More, the USF graduate artists and art historians collaborated to produce an exhibition catalogue. I was fortunate to be the art historian responsible for coordinating essays, which was a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience.

Burt Barr

We were sad to learn of Burt Barr’s passing on November 7, 2016. Burt was a friend to Graphicstudio and a talented artist. His collaborations extended his artistic practice into printmaking in a way that is emblematic of the mission of Graphicstudio.

InsideART: USFCAM’s Art and Social Studies Curriculum

As part of its mission, the USF Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) has developed an innovative web-based visual literacy program that integrates social studies and contemporary art in an examination and discussion of critical societal issues.

Madeline Arrendale’s Graphicstudio Internship

My experience at Graphicstudio was amazing. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and I learned something new every day. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet a few artists and learn under professional printers, but I was given the liberty to work on a personal project of my own.

The Music Box: Tampa Bay, Community Stepping Stones at Mann-Wagnon Park, Tampa. Photo: Sarah Howard
The Music Box: Tampa Bay

Musical architecture, conceived as invented structures embedded with musical instrumentation, was developed in 2010 when New Orleans Airlift founder and artistic director Delaney Martin, Airlift lead sound artist Taylor Lee Shepherd, and artist Swoon, were considering how to transform the materials and site of a disintegrating 250-year-old cottage into a collaborative space for public art.

Robert Mapplethorpe, Tampa Orchid, 1986. photogravure/screenprint; 21-1/2 x 35-1/4 inches; Edition 60Sandra Cinto at Graphicstudio

While in New York City for the 2013 IFPDA Print Fair, Margaret Miller encountered the work of Sandra Cinto at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Piece of Silence included cellos and violins painted white and intricately decorated with black ink line drawings, mounted to the gallery walls that had been covered with music staves. Struck with the delicate beauty of the sculptures, drawings and paintings, Margaret invited Cinto to Graphicstudio to make prints.

Robert Mapplethorpe, Tampa Orchid, 1986. photogravure/screenprint; 21-1/2 x 35-1/4 inches; Edition 60Graphicstudio Internship Reflection by Emily Rogers

Interning at Graphicstudio was a very positive and fulfilling experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was accepted into the program; I did not know how I would be of any help in a printmaking studio without any relevant prior experience. Aside from a brief tour in a class a few years prior, I knew very little about Graphicstudio itself and its function.

Robert Mapplethorpe, Tampa Orchid, 1986. photogravure/screenprint; 21-1/2 x 35-1/4 inches; Edition 60Robert Mapplethorpe at Graphicstudio

Robert Mapplethorpe is the subject of much renewed interest as the J. Paul Getty Museum and LACMA present complementary exhibitions which form Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium. This retrospective in two parts coincides with the release of HBO Pictures documentary Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures.

Julianna Konsulian and Huy Nguyen at Varadero Beach.An Intern’s Trip to Cuba

During the winter of 2015, The University of South Florida along with the Holcombe family cooperated to fund an academic trip to Cuba. All 15 of the USF Holcombe scholarship recipients, including me, signed up to go. Our purpose was to learn about the culture, academics, and lifestyle of Cubans, both pre- and post-revolution. We also had opportunities to aid in installing water purification systems in communities near Havana.

Catch me at CAM!Catch me at CAM! Engagement, Conversation and Art

Have you ever heard of Meet Me at MoMA? Well, we as Honors College seniors and bio-medical sciences majors are trying to create a program inspired by it here at the USF Contemporary Art Museum. For those of you who may not know, Meet Me at MoMA is a community-based art engagement program orchestrated by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Corine Vermeulen, Gonzales Family, 2015. Pigment print.Seeing the Value in “Waste”: A Guest Post by Matthew Verbyla

All materials have value. As an environmental engineer, I look for the value in materials that are normally considered to be waste. Last year I spent six months in Minas Gerais, Brazil, working with Brazilian nonprofit Consciência Limpa to develop a prototype for a solar sludge drying system.

Aya TArek in residence at USFCAMThe Invisible Man in a Fluorescent Suit

Aya Tarek, an Egyptian graffiti artist and muralist, completed a mural at USFCAM during a residency at USF. In an interview with Aya, I was able to discuss the influences she drew from while making her work. Aya explained her interest in architecture and the experience of connecting to what’s around her.

Alex Katz, Tracy, 2013, Lithograph/woodcut 26" x 30" 
 Edition: 50Quince Artistas/Fifteen Artists

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I was invited to curate an exhibition at the 501 Gallery at Blake High School. Amanda Preuss, a recent graduate of the USF Art History Master’s program, is the new director of the Gallery, and she thought of me because I specialize in Latin American and Caribbean Art at the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

A Summer at Graphicstudio: Intern Perspective

As far back as I can remember I have been roaming through the halls and doorways at Graphicstudio; rolling in office chairs down the hall, building cardboard robots in the Vault, coloring and doodling and making the occasional small print—under close adult supervision, of course. All this time I could never fully comprehend the gravity of the work being done there. This summer, I was able to participate and learn about printmaking and artist collaboration in a whole new light.

Mark Dion at GraphicstudioMark Dion and Graphicstudio

Mark Dion was a natural fit at Graphicstudio because his visual art is highly interdisciplinary. His practice investigates museumology, scientific history and methodology, taxonomy, environmental studies, even taxidermy. His exploration of museum practice and installation methodology can often blur the line between artwork and museum exhibit. Dion has worked with Graphicstudio on two projects and USFCAM staged a solo exhibition of recent work called Troubleshooting in 2012. more>>

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