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Gary Moore
Puzzle Walk, 1999

Overview of the installation

University of South Florida, Tampa
Pathway between the USF College of Medicine to the Heath Science Research Center

The walkway and landscape that compose Gary Moore’s Puzzle Walk, connect the College of Medicine to the Heath Science Research Center. Seating elements located at the midpoint of the walkway are situated under two trees providing shade and an invitation to the visitor to stop and enjoy the landscape and walkway in a cooled environment.

Gary Moore used the metaphor of a puzzle to describe the activity of research. Imbedded with in the terrazzo walkway are images derived form research in the areas of cardiology, pharmacology and neurology representing the various areas of research conducted within the Health Science Research Center. While those symbols would be familiar to the scientist engaged in those specialized areas of study, the same image is likely to be more akin to a puzzle piece for those outside of the respective fields. Puzzle Walk also has references to Moore’s African American heritage. The crowns embedded in the terrazzo speak to the line of African royalty, while the Ankh symbol, embedded at the north end of the sidewalk, is the ancient Egyptian symbol for life.


View from above.

Detail of walkway.

Puzzle Walk made possible by Florida's Art in State Buildings Program