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Roxi Cato, Zorya in Sunken Gardens, 2021

Roxi Cato, Zorya in Sunken Gardens, 2021


Zorya in Sunken Gardens

This picture was taken on a hot, humid afternoon in the Sunken Gardens located in Tampa, FL. Zorya had walked ahead of us through the covered pathway and was staring at the huge succulents. She was framed so beautifully by the open space called The Butterfly Garden. I was in love with how many versions of pink were blooming and snapped a few pictures of the scene. 

We saw exactly six butterflies. They knew better than us humans to stay out of the heat. This was one of many pictures I took that day with my Samsung A20 phone. I didn’t use any filters, sizing, lighting, or other photo app edits. This is the raw image of my 3rd grandchild vibing with nature. Although she and her sister were overheated because we forgot their water in the car, they were able to see the beauty surrounding them. 

This reminded me of the days I used to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I loved feeding the Koi, turtles, and greedy ducks. Being there brought a meditative state much needed for the turmoil of my teenage life.



Mikko Maki, TV, 2020

Roxi Cato, Succulents in the Night, 2021

Roxi Cato, Cherry Craving, 2021

Roxi Cato, Cherry Craving, 2021



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