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Me, Myself and Eye


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Matias, Untitled practice-based research project, 2020

Matias, Untitled practice-based research project, 2020


Untitled practice-based research project
Four channel Installation

I enrolled in the Breaking Barriers workshop to support developing my practice toward a more conceptual framework that addresses issues related to my life experiences. Expanding the implications of my art, I have begun making work that involves aspects of memory, military service, and immigration. 

With this practice-based research piece, I was interested in making art for installation that explores aspects of self, surveillance, and screens. The ubiquity of media in our lives is absolute. Our fixation on computers is amplified by the advent of smartphones. Social media distracts from the control being exerted over us by corporations that provide this digital distraction, so much so that we ignore the data we provide just by using our cellular devices. 

We are constantly surveilled with our likeness recorded as image, sound, movement, engagement, location, altitude, and gesture. Even our vital signs and health metrics are liquidated for profit and marshalled for incremental advances in the name of commerce and national security, not just by commercial institutions but also by foreign governments and (just as problematically) by our own government. This pruning of the individual person to a data point (or thousands, or millions, of them) inspired this installation piece and continues to inform revisions of this work. 

Matias is a Chilean American Artist and a Marine Corps Veteran. 




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Breaking Barriers 2020 is supported by the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, Love IV Lawrence, Hillsborough Arts Council, and the Florida Department of State.