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Me, Myself and Eye


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Michael Ball, Lake Ann, 2020

Michael Ball, Lake Ann, 2020


Lake Ann 

I have always been interested in photography, especially images of architecture and landscapes. I traveled a lot in the military and continue to travel with my family. Travel offers opportunities to discover and photograph architectural and natural wonders. When our family returns from a trip, my wife, myself, and two stepsons have a friendly competition. We compete for the “best photograph” as a memory of our trip. The winner of this familial competition prints their enlarged image on canvas and the photograph is proudly placed on our travelogue wall. 

I took Breaking Barriers to learn new techniques, hoping to improve my travel photographs. However, the theme of this year’s workshop was self portraiture. Self-portraiture was completely out of my comfort zone. Consequently, I experimented with ways of taking self-portraits in which I was not the apparent subject. 

One steamy hot summer day in northern Virginia, I visited Lake Ann. While crossing a footbridge, I leaned over the banister and saw my image fused with the images of the clouds and the trees reflected on the water’s surface. The color of the lake created a monochromatic image that unified the land, sky, and an echo of myself. Suddenly, a droplet of water fell onto the lake and created a ripple of concentric circles that distorted the image. Lake Ann is my distorted self-portrait. Although the photograph looks monochromatic, there is a barely perceivable fluctuation of color that I left as a hint to myself and the clothes that I wore. I hardly edited the photograph. I lightened it slightly to reveal the nuances that almost imperceptibly distinguished one image from another. 



RaeAnne Swanson, Time in the Pink Pool Floatie, 2020. From the 2020 Breaking Barriers veterans photopraphy workshop.

Michael Ball, On The Red Line, 2020



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