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Me, Myself and Eye


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Michael Congdon, Fragmented, 2020

Michael Congdon, Fragmented, 2020



Fragmented is an attempt to portray how I feel as I cope with various mental health issues. When I medically retired from the Army, I felt broken and lost. I felt broken from various traumas and lost being a civilian for the first time in sixteen years. It seems that during that time pieces of me shifted both inside and out. As I sought help to deal with my mental health, it felt as if more fragments were made. At the time, I didn’t feel that the new fragments were actually for my good. I was and still am resistant to change, thus to creating a new shift or fragment of myself. When the resistance ends I hope to be at peace with these fragments or join them together in a new better version of my former self. 

This is my third year taking the Breaking Barriers workshop and I hope to take more in the future. It is a solid program that brings in top notch contemporary artists to teach. One of the best parts is each instructor wants to be here. They are giving freely of their time to help veterans learn or sharpen a skillset that is beneficial for a lifetime. The instructors and the people keep bringing me back year after year. There are fellow artists in the program that I have known for two and three years now which is amazing. 



Michael Congdon, In The Bubble, 2020

Michael Congdon, In The Bubble, 2020

Michael Congdon, Stripped Away, 2020

Michael Congdon, Stripped Away, 2020



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Breaking Barriers 2020 is supported by the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, Love IV Lawrence, Hillsborough Arts Council, and the Florida Department of State.