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Me, Myself and Eye


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TC Bryant, Dad’s Hat, 2020

TC Bryant, Dadís Hat, 2020


Dadís Hat 

I took photography classes thirty or forty years ago in Wisconsin, and I wanted to start taking pictures again. In Wisconsin, I used a view camera and we had to develop the film. Unlike todayís digital cameras that can take infinite pictures or make immediate edits when developing film you only get one chance to take that perfect picture and you have to get it right the first time. Itís not like digital. Iíve used a digital camera before, but this was the first time I used a cell phone camera for artwork that was meant to be shown. 

In Wisconsin I learned techniques, such as composition, contrast, line, pattern etc. For this self-portrait Dadís Hat, I went outside and recalled all that I had learned. Regardless of the fact that I was using a camera phone, I thought about the angle of the camera that made me look taller, the balanced composition, the converging lines and the pattern created by the bricks. I took the picture as if it was my one chance to get the picture right. I did not edit this image. 

The hat is my Dadís hat. He died in 1993. Itís one of the things I took when my Dad passed away. Iím originally from Alabama and came to Florida in 1983. My Dad never came to Florida. But the hat is with me in Florida. It is the first time I put it on since he died. Otherwise, Itís usually just sitting in the closet. I wanted to remember my Dad, make a self-portrait and a good picture. 



TC Bryant, Untitled, 2020

TC Bryant, Untitled, 2020

TC Bryant, Untitled, 2020

TC Bryant, Untitled, 2020



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