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Me, Myself and Eye


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RaeAnne Swanson, Time in the Pink Pool Floatie, 2020

RaeAnne Swanson, Time in the Pink Pool Floatie, 2020


Time in the Pink Pool Floatie 

I have always enjoyed taking photographs, and over the years I have shot and printed hundreds of photos of local and vacation scenery, my many dogs, and my two children. I have always strived to find creative ways to take these photos, so when I saw the advertisement for the Breaking Barriers photography workshop, I applied in hopes that I could connect with other Veterans who were interested in photography. I also wanted to learn new strategies and methods for not only taking photos but editing them to produce even better photos. 

During this year’s Breaking Barriers workshop, I was a little nervous at first because the theme was “selfportraits” and I have always been more comfortable behind, versus in front of, the camera. 

The photograph, Time in the Pink Pool Floatie, while a self-portrait, reveals more of a feeling than an image of me. This idea came about because I was trying to think of a way to make a self-portrait without actually “being recognizable” in the portrait, yet I wanted this photograph to convey something about me that others might recognize or feel when looking at this picture. 

I have always loved the water and am so grateful to have a pool in my backyard, because it is an oasis on any given day. It is a place filled with so many wonderful memories: my children learning to swim, my dogs jumping in and having swim races, the many family gatherings, and the dozens of pool parties with friends. My time in the pink pool floatie brings back all of these memories, it refreshes my body and my spirit, and it helps me to reflect on the fact that life, while difficult at times, always has precious memories that we have yet to make. 



RaeAnne Swanson, On the Fringe, 2020

RaeAnne Swanson, On the Fringe, 2020

RaeAnne Swanson, Unclear, 2020

RaeAnne Swanson, Unclear, 2020



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Breaking Barriers 2020 is supported by the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, Love IV Lawrence, Hillsborough Arts Council, and the Florida Department of State.