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Me, Myself and Eye


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Michael Webb, Painted Patriotism, 2020

Michael Webb, Painted Patriotism, 2020


Painted Patriotism 

A social war rages in the United States. This war is being fought primarily on social media using quick witted tweets, memes and hashtags, but it is not without its casualties. Our democracy is experiencing an incredibly vulnerable moment characterized by divisions and polarization—the haves vs the have nots, rural vs urban, conservative vs liberal, us vs them, democrat vs republican, “American” vs immigrant. Citizens are fighting fellow citizens, states against the federal government. It seems chaos exists at every turn. One of the war’s casualties—the American flag. Traditionally, the flag represents “We the people” in this imperfect union. It’s a symbol that belongs to all U.S. citizens! The flag is both apolitical and political at the same time. The flag does not represent a single political party but moreover the democratic ideals that allow the U.S. to have free elections and open discourse. During the birth of our nation as the founding fathers drafted the constitution, Federalists and Anti-Federalists wrote a series of articles arguing for different versions of America, yet they worked together to advance the new nation. Neither side called the other “Un-American.” The American flag symbolizes a dialogue among people with diverse ideas, a dialogue that must return to preserve our imperfect union. 

In the photograph only the colors of the flag are bright and vibrant. The color of my skin, the language I speak, my political affiliation, or the religion I choose to follow are muted and are not determinate to the depths of my patriotism! 



Michael Webb, Dimensions, 2020

Michael Webb, Dimensions, 2020

Michael Webb, Darkness Within, 2020

Michael Webb, Darkness Within, 2020



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